As usual MaryAnn and Dick can't believe what Dave is telling them.
Nice picture of Linda and Chuck.
Sandra, Bill Schmitt, Bruce and Bill Weinmann enjoying the dinner and company.
Ron telling one of his tales with Ken, Jim, Steve and Naomi.
Carolyn, Kathy, Mick and Candace.  These four teaming up isn't good.  They're planning something.
Lauren, Tyler, Leslye, Nick and Julie trying to think of something to say.
This time "The Queen" Deanne is in the picture.
Doc M., Fitz, Terry, Nancy and Deanne having fun. 
Great picture of Nancy and Kathy. 
Gary Pendley in front with his sons Ryan and Zach on the left.  Next to them are Roger, Chuck, Pete, and Dave.  The first reunion for Gary and his family.  Please come back. 
Barbara and Bill enjoying the dinner.
Bruce, Pete, Roger and Elaine.  Sweet Elaine's hanging around with some dangerous people. 
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Thanks goes out to Peter Foor and Roger Childs for all of the work they put in to make this reunion happen; and as always to Tom Hickinbotham for being involved.