Thanks to Terry and Fitz  for a great time!
Motel  where we stayed while in St. Charles
Motel  lobby and sitting area.
(L-R) Leslye, Chuck, Shilin, Greg, Julie, Bryan, Fitz and Roger at Little Hills Restaurant
Terry with Porter - her grandson at Trailhead Restaurant
Terry & Fitz's family and grandchild.
Marge, Sarah, Leslye, Nick, Deanne and MaryEllen
Elaine & Roger with grandchildren
Bryan, Bradley, Patrick, Linda and Shilin in meeting room at motel.
Nick, Chuck, Roger, Bryan, Bill, Smitty Ski, Greg, Doc and Fitz waiting to go into dinner at Little Hills Restaurant.
Julie and Terry taking a bite out of the infamous ---- Tick on Bill Schmitt's back.
Leslye, Chuck, Greg, Roger & Smitty in meeting room.
Leslye, Deanne, and Nick on main road in downtown St. Charles.
Fitz, Terry, Bryan, MaryEllen, Bill and Roger at the Trailhead Inn.
Chuck, Linda, Sarah, Marge, Ski and MaryEllen
Bryan, Buddy, Fitz, Nick, Ski, Roger, Doc and Smitty.
Nick, Deanne, Bill, Ski, Marge and Sarah listening to Marge on how big she wants her beer. 
Julie, Linda, Shilin, Bill, Ski, Eileen, Roger, Sarah and Fitz