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Gunny Kennedy with Jensen family in meeting room at the Royal Crown Motel in Colorado Springs.  L-R  John, Gunny, Kathy and Jenny.
Motel Meeting Room - (L-R)  Bill, Smitty, Deanne (sitting) Terry, Frances, Ray, Gunny, Nick, and Fitz.  
Leslye, Deanne and Kathy at The Flying W Ranch before eating dinner there.
Cookie, Nick and Pete discussing who ate the most Pizza.
Tom, Kathy and the back of Deanne's head after dinner waiting for the show at The Flying W Ranch.
(L-R) Kathy, Deanne, John, Jenny and Kathy's back.
Patti, Cookie, Nick, Fitz and Terry at The Stagecoach Restaurant.
(L-R)  Bill, Smitty, Jack, Saundra, Fitz, Terry,and the back of Julie's and Bryan's head.  
Smitty, Ray and Frances having fun.
Dave, John, Jenny, Kathy  H. and Tommy
(L-R clockwise)  Kathy J., Jenny, John, Dave, MaryAnn,  and Lauren.
Meeting Room crowd - (L-R) Kathy H., Pete, Ray, Gunny, Deanne, Kathy J., Fitz, Frances, Julie, Bryan and Maryann. 
(L-R) Leslye, Lauren, Kathy, Tommy, Tom, Bryan, Julie, Kathy and Jenny.
Bryan, Kathy, Jenny, John and Dave.
Flying W Ranch - Tom, Leslye, Maryann, Tommy, Kathy and Deanne. 
Pete reaching for a chip, and Ray trying to tell Gunny how to discipline marines!
Smitty and Bryan  playing a joke on Fitz and Julie.
Leslye and Lauren on Pike's Peak Cog Railway.
Julie and Bryan watching nature on Cog Railway.
Pete, Bill and Saundra on the way up.
The top of Pike's Peak.   Breathtaking scenery.
Keep going back a little more Nick.  I need as much scenery as I can get in the picture.
C14, 110 feet up.
Centinneal Commeration plaque of  the writing of "America the Beautiful"
Cog railroad car making it up Pikes Peak.
Railroad cars parked at the summit
Original Summit house built in 1873
Saundra, Victoria and Jack at the summit restaurant getting a bite to eat.
Terry and Fitz enjoying the view.
Cookie, Patti, Julie and Nick waiting for the show to start.
"Tex Terry"  and "Billy Bob" Fitz
The "Best of the Doggone Cowboys".  Gave a great show.
Bob Dalton wasn't able to make the reunion but sent in a picture of him and Marshall Schroder visiting Bob's old radio operator for Kilo company, Ted Mrozek.