Terry on drugs!
Fitz on drugs!
Willy doesn't think Nick's joke is funny.
Kylee, Carolyn and Kathy.
Patti, Phil (Cookie) and Smitty.
Carolyn, Kathy, Mick Leslye and Julie.
Kathy, Tommy and Bill discussing politics!
Julie, Tom and Carolyn performing a cheer for the table tennis tournament.  Good form!?
Arrival of "Queenie" waving at the masses.
Queenie safely inside talking to Leslye and Bryan.
One of the commoners (Tom) bowing to Queenie.
Queenie manages to have time to briefly talk to Julie - one of the hosts.
Nick, Queenie (without crown), Bryan, Jackie, Rick and Pete.  
Fitz, Kathy, Willy and Tom.