Tom cooking steaks in the afternoon when everyone arrives at Ski and Marge's.
The next morning Sarah arrives with Savannah.
I think this was Dave trying to sell drugs to Sarah.
MaryAnn arrives with a shrimp salad.  She makes a separate salad for Leslye marked "without eye balls" .
Ski and Dave enjoying the great weather we had while visiting.
Tom brings out some snacks including 2 one pound bags of beef jerky!  Delicious!
Marge, Terry, Kathy Deanne and Leslye planning their gambling trip.
           Leslye with "The Queen" waving.
Fitz teaching Nick to count to five with his fingers
Marge, David (Ski and Marge's nephew who always cooks a barbecue for us), Savannah, Sarah, and Ski on the deck at back of the house. 
Fitz and Terry having more fun than Savannah!
Dave and Fitz listening to one of Nick's experiences. 
Deanne on the lookout while Terry puts Ex-lax in the chocolate covered raisins that the guys are eating.
Ski comes out to see Savannah.