The first night of the reunion discussing the planned events.  (L-R) Jim, Pete, Rich's back, Bruce, Dick, Dave S. standing, Steve, Jennifer, Tom, Gary, Ron, part of Mick's head, and Carolyn
(L-R) Ron, Mick, Leslye, back of Carolyn, Patti, back of Tommy, Kathy, Jim standing and the back of Jennifer. 
(L-R) Dick, Jennifer, Steve and Naomi. 
(L-R) Naomi, Tom, Gary, Ron, Mick, Ken, Carolyn and Patti.
Dave Kincaid asking what page they're on?  Cookie trying to keep his eyes open.
Cookie gets up and says he has to take a walk to wake up.
Jim asks anyone who needs a bathroom break to raise their hand.
Leslye day dreaming while Carolyn talks to Tommy and Kathy.
The next morning we're off to the College Football Hall of Fame.
Entering the building is Tom, Dick, Leslye, Greg,  Shilin,  Pete and Bruce behind him.   It was great to see Greg and Shilin.  They arrived after our meeting from the previous night. 
On this stand are 730 football helmets representing all of the colleges that participate in NCAA Football.
Patti, Jim, Tom, Dick and Leslye waiting on elevator.  Oh, Cookie's in the background. 
Shilin and Greg looking at the boards where you can pick out a college and it would give you information on Hall of Famers and on other notable players and coaches that attended  the college or university.
Leslye standing in front of the great football fullback Jack Cloud from William & Mary 1990.
Dave's messing with a mannequin of North Carolina Central University's  Richard Sligh who stood 7 ft. tall and played defensive tackle.  He went on to win an American Football League Championship in 1967 with the Oakland Raiders.
Jim trying to get a picture of a bird that got in the building, and Leslye, Jennifer, Dick, Patti and Shilin going to the next exhibit.
Cookie, Doc, Dave K. with Dave S. behind him and Ron waiting around downstairs.  Dave k. and Dave S. could only stay the first two days.
Our host thanks us for coming by.  (L-R) Host, Gary, Pete, Bruce, Greg, Tom, Ron and Jim.