The people who made this years reunion possible.  In the left photo is Richard "Pancho" Landa, Tom Hickinbotham and Jack Thaxton.  Jack's wife Saundra was also a big help but was unable to attend.  The guy on the right end is Dave Whatchamacallit.  In the right photo is Roger, who was also a big help with the reunion.   Behind Roger is Dave Whatchamacallit again.  Thank you guys; it was a great reunion. 
​Everyone knows this is the Alamo.  In 1836 there was a seige of three to four weeks, but the final battle lasted only 30 minutes between 186 patriots inside the walls and 4,000 mexicans attacking the fortress.
Above is the Emily Morgan Hotel where the reunion was held.  Built in 1924 it's right across the street from the Alamo.  This beautiful building is considered the third most haunted hotel in the world.
(L-R) 1st evening of reunion at dinner with Deanne, Fitz, Terry, Elaine and Roger. Nick, MaryAnn and Dave are not shown.
At hotel meeting room (L-R) Roger's back, Steve, Naomi's back, Nick, and Fitz.
Nick talking with Pancho, who we haven't seen since the 1999 reunion in Jacksonville, Fla., and Ron who is doing well and can't help but make you laugh.
Steve, Jim and Naomi thinking about something?
(L-R) Jack, Fitz and Naomi waiting for everybody else.
Pancho and Pat.  Good friends.  Pat watches Pancho's horses and ranch when he has to be away. 
(L-R)  Fitz, Chuck, Pancho, Jim with Jack behind him, Roger, Tom, Ron, Doc, Lenny, Dave with hat, Greg, Steve, Ken, Nick and Steve.  Patrick is missing from this picture.
(L-R) Linda, Judy, MaryAnne, Deanne, Jackie, Kathy, Naomi, and Shilin.  Terry and Elaine are missing from this picture.
Minnie Pearl MaryAnn even came to the reunion.
Pancho with wife Jackie.
Elaine and Terry are two of our millionaires who can still afford cigarettes.
Lenny, Nick and Ken trying to get a game of Back Alley going.
(L-R) Tom, Nick, Chuck, Fitz and Roger trying to keep their eyes open after 9 PM. 
Dave is trying to overhear Linda, Naomi and MaryAnn's conversation while pretending to talk to Roger.
Jackie and Deanne listening to how Terry and Kathy lost their earrings.
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Jack, Jim and Lenny trying to hold each other up where they don't fall asleep.
Beautiful picture Jack took of the Alamo with The Emily Morgan Hotel we stayed at in the distance.