The first evening of the reunion in the meeting room where pizzas were ordered for dinner.  At the table are MaryAnn, Naomi, Leslye, Terry, Steve and Ron.
On other side of the table are Roger Jr., Elaine, Roger Sr., Tom and Gary.  Nearest side is Karen, Dave and Bill.
Karen, Dave, Sandra, Bill and April
Roger trying to watch TV, Bruce and Fitz playing some kind of clapping game, Nick and Dave trying to get Roger to share.
Fitz trying to get a break from Terry.
Jesse telling me that the best side to take his picture on is his right.
​Tom asking Gary if he can have next dibbs on the brochure April is reading.
​Bryan and Nick listening to Steve's experiences of  Deep Sea Diving in New York City's Hudson River.
​Sandra and April trying to ignore Bill.
​Nick and Greg are making Deanne sleepy.
​Elaine and Deanne talking about Dave.

Thanks to Roger, his family and others for a great time!
Also Dave Smallidge for his help in taking the photos.
Ron trying to convince Terry, MaryAnn and Naomi
that he can read peoples minds.