I see my FMF class / Camp Pendleton in Oct. 67....I was 45 lbs lighter after 3/26 BAS in Nov. 67, followed by Khe Sanh India 3/26 for 77 Days on 
Hill 881s....no water, no shaving, no change of clothes until April 17, '68...then it was to the Bush with India 3/26 running patrols along the Perfume
 River in Hue and then off Hill 55 SW of Danang in Leech Valley Hoi Anh......finally out of the bush in July '68 and FINALLY was back into my 
Specialty of HM3 Operating Room Tech until DEROS to the WORLD and back again to St. Albans Naval Hospital HM2 and scrubbing 
surgery.....would piss them off by wearing my Marine Greens for Hospital Inspections on the Main Grounds in front of the Hospital.  
Discharge from Navy 13 March 70.

HM3 David M. Steinberg treating a wounded but still functioning radio operator, Cpl. Ronald E. Smith, in a trench on 881S.  Cpl. Smith remembers 
taking a tumble off the ramp of a CH-46 while still holding onto his radio. He remembers Doc Steinberg as the one who administered his 
injuries. - Mar '68. 

Photo by, 1stLt. Charles

By:  "Doc" David Steinberg