It's a quaint little place with clouds for a ceiling

Where everyone comes because it's appealing

All walks of life have entered these doors

Searching for the best food that heaven adores

The likes of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are frequent guests

As are many other heroes who've completed their earthly quests

The owner and chef sometimes  greets his Heavenly patrons

Who gives him their loyalty and full attention

He has a dream that will some day appear

To have his earthly partner beside him to whom he grew so near

Together they will cook and serve the best Heaven has to offer

Attracting even more distinquished clientel than ever before

For these patrons will be America's finest who has kept our country's independance

Under the grace of God and for the sake of the free
Dedicated to Jeff Barthol, USMC, 3/26 Marines, Kilo  (KIA March 04, 1969) and Dennis "Ski" Kwiatkowski, USMC, 3/26 Marines, Kilo (Vietnam 1968-69).  After returning from Vietnam they were going to open a diner or restaurant in Philadelphia together. 
Keith "Doc" Miller 3/3/04
NOTE: Dennis "Ski" Kwiatkowski" passed away on March 4, 2015.  The same day exactly 46 years ago that Jeff was KIA (Killed in Action) in Vietnam (March 4, 1969).