Dewain "Pete" Peters, Gibby and Rick "Gunny" Thompson.  Pete and Gunny were close friends and came to Vietnam on the "Buddy System" in 1968. 
Rick "Gunny" Thompson arrived to Kilo Company, 1st squad
1st Plt. in May 1968. On my first night with Gunny in 
August, we got hit with AKs; I dove under sand bags and 
the rest of the squad did not move from their card 
Game, and got a good laugh at the FNG. Gunny explained
how the gooks hit us every third night to harass them
and leave leaflets. At daylite we went up into the jungle
and found the NVA leaflets saying how they will get
even for “what Kilo did at Khe Sanh.” 
As the old Vets rotated, Gunny became a leader in the
Platoon. He was the point man and very effective at
Removing those waiting in ambush.
Both Gunny and his buddy Pete from West Virginia
Were GREAT combat Marines. Their performance 
In the bush made it possible to keep the NVA
Afraid of Kilo Company. 

Semper Fi, Nick Kosturos

Bill PetersMonday, 12/14/20, 11:02 PM
I am the nephew of the late Dewain (Pete) Peters. Rick Thompson (Gunny) Died in his home in Bluefied WV on Nov 24th 2020 Dewain and Rick are both on your website picture. Rick was my step father. Dewain introduced his sister Wanda Peters to Rick Thompson.
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