Abraham P. Renshaw Jr. 

RENSHAW,Abraham P., Jr. Age 69, a retired Marine Corps First Sergeant who was a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, died December 5th at his home in Monroeville, NJ. He began his Marine Corps career when he enlisted on January 7th 1958. He went on to serve with the elite 2nd Marine Division for 28 years. He followed up his military career working 17 years as a correction officer for Riverfront State Prison. Born and raised in South Jersey, he was the son of the late Abraham Sr. & Henrietta Renshaw. He was the brother of the late Louis Renshaw, Henrietta (Ruggiero) Renshaw, and Helen Lafferty. He is survived by his wife of 41 years, Marie, his daughter Elizabeth & son Robert. He is also survived by his granddaughter Zaira, great granddaughter Faye, and his brother Charles Renshaw. Abraham was a loving and supportive husband and father; he loved spending time with his family, hunting, and fishing. All Arrangements are private. 

Published in Courier - Post on December 8, 2009 

I first met Abe Renshaw in January '69 on Batangan Peninsula. He was
a Marines Marine, skinny old crusty guy that gave you the impression  
 that he knew what he was doing. I think he had one or two tours in by  
 the time I met him. I was the FNG at this point and he knew I didn't  
 have a clue. We had a few conversations but nothing  to write home  
 about, It wasn't until Taylor Common that he straightened me out. He  
 told me that I would never hear or feel the shot that kills me, so  
 stop worrying about it. For some reason that did it for me and even  
 though I still was afraid, I managed to make it through the year  
 without being a worry wart. After he rotated out, I took over his  
 Camel allotment for the platoon. No one else would smoke 'em. I never  
 kept up with anyone from Kilo Co while I was working and raising my  
 family. Our Old CO, Bob Dalton, found him for me in June '2009 after  
 our Reunion with Ski in Chicago. I called and had a nice conversation  
 with Abe. I recognized his voice even after 40 yrs. He was very sick  
 with Cancer at this point and didn't want to see or hear from anyone.  
 I only wish that maybe Arender could have located him 10 yrs ago like  
 he did with most of the guys from Kilo. I'm sure it would have been a  
 fun time at the Reunions with his stories and getting to know him again.

 Dave Smallidge

I was saddened to hear of Sgt. Renshaw’s passing. He was my 2nd. platoon Sgt. I remember him as a no-nonsense, get the job done Sgt. He would never ask you to do something that he would not do himself. He lead by example and was fearless in battle. He brought out the best of me as a Marine rifleman. He will not be forgotten!

Semper Fi,
Jack Thaxton  

Per Captain Dalton, Sgt. Renshaw took me fishing with hand grenades for fish for the villagers and this picture attached is him in the boat (See above photo with helmet on).

P.S.- as a result, I have been banned from fishing in Valley Stream, NY, where I live.  

Ron Jensen

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