Battalion CP overlooking "Dodge City" area  
Batt. CP group - (L-R)  Maj. Bennett, Lt. Col. Robertson (CO), Maj. Macy (XO), Lt. Meagan (H&S)
Chaplain Hensley *Muddy Boots" near beach Batt. CP on Op. Bold Mariner
Lt. Flynn near beach Batt. CP on OP. Bold Mariner 
Dr. Martinez at Batt. CP area
Battalion CO's radiomen on Op. Bold Mariner
Lt. West near CP area
Maj. Macy and Sgt. Maj ? waiting for ride back to "Rock Crusher"
(L-R) Lt. West, Lt. Gee, Lt. Frizell, and Lt. Felton (Artty. Oficer)
CP Radiomen - ? and ?
Lt. ? and ? from Fire Support Units
Capt. Harry Jenkins after being promoted to Major by Col. Robertson.  Maj. Jenkins went on to become Maj. General Jenkins.
3/26 Battalion Commander -  Lt. Colonel Peyton Robertson